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You can sign up here or your program/surgeon may have sent you an email invitation to join. Currently, you can only sign up on our website,
not through the app. Our app is free; however, you will need to sign up to view any content.

If your program or surgeon isn’t listed, you can select “Start NewTri without a Practice”, and we can reassign you to your program once signed up. Please email if you would like us to reassign you. If you would like your program to begin using NewTri, please get in touch.

Please check your email as your program may have sent you an invitation to sign up. If you don’t see it, please check your SPAM folder. You can also try the forgot password feature in the lower right hand corner of our login page.


Currently, no. However, the cost is typically less or comparable to what a patient would normally pay in co-pays or for other programs.

Yes, you can use your flexible spending accounts, or FSA’s, for reimbursement. Occasionally, you may need a Letter of Medical Necessity from your surgeon in addition to your receipt. You will need to obtain this letter directly from your surgeon.

At this time, we are still working with insurance companies to share our program. So far, most insurance companies have been eager to offer patients the NewTri Health® experience, and we believe that NewTri® fulfills nearly all insurance requirements. Please contact us if you would like us to speak to an insurance company about NewTri Health®.


We recommend that the program should last 90 days; however, your surgeon or insurance could require it to last longer. In the program’s default setting, modules are segmented and released as indicated by your bariatric program. You can always go back and view previous modules but cannot jump ahead to the next module. These setting can be personalized based on your program’s philosophy and preferences. For example, surgeons can allow you to have all modules unlocked and complete the program at your own pace.

One. We would like you to remain engaged and take these assessment quizzes seriously without the ability to go back and change their answers. Your answers will be shared in real time with your bariatric program.

Once you have viewed all modules and completed all comprehension quizzes, you can download and/or print your certificate when logged into our website. The certificate is NOT available in the app. This certificate will also provide your comprehension score. Your surgeon can then decide whether you need more information on a subject prior to the operation. The surgeon decides who is ready for surgery. Your bariatric program will also have access to your completion certificate.

You and your surgeon will be notified that the program is complete and can schedule a final appointment prior to surgery.

Surgeons and their programs will be able to see their patients’ level of engagement—how often they log in, the percentage of the program they have completed, how many modules they have left, areas of strength and weakness, and food and exercise logs.

Yes. The system notifies patients through email and text to foster ongoing engagement.


NewTri® costs $149.99 for access. This is typically less than copays, travel costs and others costs for your time lost.

We accept most major credit cards and PayPal.

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